News Feed (2019.04)


I made some updates to the Discord server, with more channels and whatnot to discuss content, programming and general game development. If you haven't already, head over and check it out.


I posted a new video on my YouTube channel the other day, kicking off a new series around the NamorvTech engine. The format is going to be different, with less of a focus on a tutorial series and more of a focus around adding new features, extending existing ones and using these new features to make games along the way.

The goal here is to make lots of small games along the way, and to ship each and every one of them. I'll be going into much more detail about my plans as time continues with this.

Another note - early this week my YouTube channel hit 1000 subscribers! I want to say thank you to everyone who has subscribed, and continues to watch the content I provide. I can only hope that it is truly helping people out along the way - that is the point after all. This is a huge milestone, and I could not have done it without you all.

2019.4.11 - Unity

I decided to sit down and attempt to work with Unity again. By no means does this mean that NamorvTech will not recieve updates, however. To build a good product, you need to have an understanding of your competition in the field in order to actually compete. Not doing this is short-sighted and, frankly, a recipe for failure. Overall, my reasons for learning Unity are:

I will be posting updates along the way of what some of these projects are once I get a little further in my knowledge of the engine. I already managed to stand up a (really) simple game in one night using it, without using anything from the asset store. This speaks volumes about what can be done with it. I'm hoping to have one of my ideas at least blocked out in the next few weeks, maybe sooner. I'll update here when that happens.

2019.4.8 - Just Write Code

I just re-read an old article that I was reminded of when it comes to software architecture and design. It's called Good Programmers Get Off Their Butts. The basic idea here is that it becomes all to easy to spend copious amounts of time trying to architect the perfect solution. In reality, no such thing exists.

Before I continue on, it is important to note that I do not imply that planning is not important, and that planning tools such as UML are useless. As the article says:

Coding without planning is just as futile as coding with too much planning.
You must plan.

Basically, the premise is that, at some point, you need to just start coding. Have a read of the article, it's an oldie but a goodie:
Good Programmers Get Off Their Butts.

Speaking of which, I did get some work done on the task I mentioned last night, and I feel good about it.

2019.4.7 - Procrastination

Sometimes I find it really difficult to stay motivated on projects I'm working on. It is far too easy to just sit down and watch YouTube videos for 10 minutes, which becomes 30, which becomes an hour, then 2, and so on. I did manage to get stuff done around the house I needed to get done, but I didn't move forward on the project I'm working on. This is even tougher to motivate myself on because I have another project that I really want to work on, but reasonably cannot until I get this one done.

I think what I'm going to do at this point is just get one thing done on it - just one - so at least I've moved forward with it. I've got roughly an hour before I need to get some sleep for the night since I have work tomorrow. Let's do this.

2019.4.6 - More Site Updates

Today I added a few more items. The new About Page gives some background on me as well as this site. It includes links to version 2 and to the previously-thought-to-be-lost version 1 of this site that I created back in college. It's not complete but hey, at least I found part of it. I did a light pass on both archives to make sure that most of them work.

In other news, while I'm continuing work on the NamorvTech engine, I am also working on another project which I cannot yet announce. I'm hoping to be able to announce something later this summer. Really cool stuff, I think.

Given the feedback I've recieved on the YouTube channel regarding choice of direction between the current TypeScript and a C++ version of the engine, I am (for now) deciding to stick with the TypeScript engine and use it to make a few more games. I'm still in the planning stages of those games, but in the meantime I will continue to enhance the engine with stuff I know I'm going to need (like 3d). More videos coming soon about that!

2019.4.5 - Site Updates

Those of you who have hit this site over the last few years may have noticed several iterations, some of which were far more fancy and complex than this one. Why so simple, you ask? Frankly, those complex iterations required a lot of maintenance on the back end, especially since the last one was a proprietary one. It was nice to use, but ultimately had to be let go due to speed reasons. Simply put, every low-cost hosting solution I've ever used has really slow databases, which all of this fanciness requires.

This iteration is designed to be fast. That is, no database, no fancy connections to my twitter, and no abundant amounts of calls to various APIs - all of which slow down page load times considerably. I'm going old-school here, and personally I love it. Sometimes simple is best.

All the pages from the old site have been extracted to the archive listed below. New pages will be linked here accordingly.