Home page of Travis Vroman, self-taught programmer. Author of the Kohi Game Engine.


This page contains my thoughts, rants, experiences and musings around my career and hobbies.

NOTE: This is a new, super-lightweight version of the site (no DBs or fancy scripts/styling, just fast and simple). Articles previously found here can now be found in the archives.

Article Updates!

I added some updates to both the Vulkan Descriptor Aliasing and Neovim Setup articles.

New Article: Descriptor Aliasing in Vulkan

Posted a new article descriptor aliasing in Vulkan, as well as all the pain of getting it to work. Except on macOS. Of course. This article will be updated with that when a fix is found. Enjoy!

Article: My (Neo)Vim Setup

Posted a new article about my Neovim setup.

Article: Live Development: an Experiment

Posted a new article discussing a new experiment where I develop everything for Kohi live on stream.

Article: 2 Years of Vulkan Engine Development

Posted a new article diving into some experiences and thoughts on the Kohi game engine project as a whole.

October 2022 Update

For those of you who have followed this site on occasion over the years, you will immediately notice a drastic change here. I basically decided to "revamp" the site in a much simpler form. I finally grew tired of the maintenance and issues revolving around keeping the old site, the spam comments, and also the speed of things. I much prefer the web format of days past - simple, basic text-only formatting without a ton of scripting (either client- or server-side) and without a DB. No need to worry about breaches, etc. because everything is static. Simple enough to maintain, so I'm rolling with it.

As mentioned at the top of this page, all articles on this site have been exported to and are present in the archives.

So what does that mean for this page? Well, it's mostly going to be posts about tech, specifically in the game dev and general programming space. I've said pretty much everything I wanted to about learning Japanese, so I'll not be continuing to post about that here. I'll also try to update this a bit more often.